Beginning in the fall of 2010, a committee composed of representatives from a broad range of campus constituencies met to evaluate potential products to replace our aging calendar and email systems. In the end, the decision was made that Google Apps for Education would provide the most robust offering to meet the diverse needs of the Willamette community. The migration to Google Apps for Education was completed in August of 2011.

Why Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education provides a set of robust tools that serve individual needs and provide additional avenues for collaboration and communication among all members of the university community. Some of the features that are available via Google Apps for Education are:

  • Integrated email, instant messaging and calendar services
  • The ability to switch from email to IM, voice or video chat right in your inbox
  • Adding calendar entries while composing or reading emails
  • Increased e-mail storage for students
  • Improved virus and spam filtering for all email
  • Calendar services for all users that include subscriptions, group calendars and resource scheduling
  • A web-based suite of collaboration tools that includes document, spreadsheet and presentation applications and that can be accessed from any computer or Internet-enabled mobile device

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