NOTE: The _Out folder feature retirement date is July 1, 2021.  It will no longer appear in department network shares after that date.


Every department now has two folders created by default, that everyone in all departments can see.

  • _In - A dropbox that allows you to transfer files to a department. You can add files to this folder, but only department members can edit them.
  • _Out - A public folder that allows a department to transfer files out to other community members. Everyone who can map the Groupfiles share can see the contents of this folder.

The _In and _Out folders were created to handle the most common types of collaboration we see for network shares. These folders cannot be deleted, and exist to allow collaboration and sharing between departments. Read below for more clarification about the use of these folders.

_In Folder

This folder in your Groupfiles department share is a place where anyone can deliver a file to your department. Anyone can put a file into the box, but the department members decide what to do with it next.

What is the purpose of the _In folder?

  • Collaborating with a few members from another department who don’t need access to a whole share, but who you want to be able to deliver documents or files to your share.
  • Allowing non-members of your share to drop files for your department.

How does someone get access to add something into the _In folder?

  • Simply map \\\dept
  • Navigate to the desired department’s share and open it open the _In folder.

Who can put files into my department’s _In folder?

  • Anyone with a valid network account can copy files into the _In folder and put a file into it. This includes students, staff and faculty.

Who can see the files in the _In folder?

  • Members of the department share can view/edit/copy/remove all of the files in the _In folder.
  • People who put files into the share can ONLY view/edit/copy/remove any files that THEY have been put into the _In folder. They cannot see files anyone else has placed there.

If I put a file in another department’s _In folder by mistake, can I take it back?

  • Yes, you can remove any file you put in the _IN folder if it hasn't been moved or deleted by a member of the department share

_Out folder (Unavailable after June 30, 2021)

This folder in your Groupfiles department share is a place where you can expose files to everyone. Only members of your department share can put files in the _Out folder. Once there, everyone can view or copy (but not edit or delete).

What is the purpose of the _Out folder?

  • Exposing non-sensitive information for someone in another department to collect.
  • Forms, advertising materials, any file or document you want to share with everyone.

Who can put files into my department's _Out folder?

  • Only members of the department can add or remove files into/from the _Out folder.

Who can see the files in the _Out folder?

  • Anyone with a valid network account who maps do your departmental drive can see and copy
  • They cannot edit or delete these files
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