Mapping Workspace shares - Mac OSX

For all versions of OSX (through 10.15 'Catalina')

From the top menu bar click Click Go > Connect to Server
Connect to server

In the Connect to Server window, in the Address box, enter:
smb:// (where 'nameofshare' is the path to the specific department share EX. smb://
  (where 'username' is your Willamette login name)
  • Hint: you can click the '+' icon on the right to add this share to your Favorite Servers to save typing time in the future.
Click Connect.
Connect to Server Window

A log in window will appear.
  • Name: enter your Willamette username
  • Password: enter your Willamette password.
Click Connect.
User Information

A folder with the contents of your workspace directory should now appear in a Finder window.

If you close the Finder window, you can get back to it from the Finder menu.
  • Open File > New Finder Window
  • On the left side bar look in the Shared area
Finder Window

To disconnect from NetFiles:

  1. click the Eject button to the right of the file name in the Shared section of a finder window left side bar
  2. if the NetFiles listing is displayed in a finder window, click the Disconnect button in the file listings pane

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