Posting a Web Page on Willamette's Server

Step #1: before you will be able to see your website you may need to update your Fusser's Guide information to allow your site to be visible.

Step #2: To enable your personal homepage you must create a world-readable directory in your home directory.

Note: Please be aware that the public_html directory you just created by using the Webpage command above is world-readable - i.e., anyone in the world can see the contents of that directory. You should not put anything in the public_html directory that you don't want others to see. Be especially careful about posting contact information, class schedules, or other personal information.

Step #3: You must create an HTML document called index.html or index.htm. You should save this document to your Willamette home directory, in the folder called public_html. (You should have created this folder during Step #1 of these instructions.)

Step #4: Once you've saved your index file to your public_html directory, you should be able to view your web page by pointing your web browser to:

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