Hiding personal information in Fusser's Guide

FERPA regulations exist to protect personal information about students from being exposed to the public. This includes information held in your Fusser's Guide entry here at Willamette.

These instructions walk you through making the correct update to your Fusser's Guide information to hide any information you don't want exposed (or expose previously hidden information).

Step #1: Go to Jason. Click on Fusser Guide Guide Update for Students

  • Read the page about Fusser's Guide Verification and click the 'click here' link to continue
Hiding all of your information:
  • To hide all of your personal information, un-check the box at the top labeled "If this box is checked, the following information (unless blocked) will be listed in the Online Fusser's Guide"
    • NOTE: If you have created a web-page under your public_html address (www.willamette.edu/~yourusername), this will also be hidden.
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the page.
Selectively hiding some of your information

  • Put a Check in the box next to any information you wish to hide from public view (WITS recommends you hide your address and phone #)
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Step #2: Wait. Someone at the Registrar's office must make the final updates. It may take several days before your changes are approved.

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