Directories Overview

Using the Directories feature on Cisco IP Phones

The Directories button Directories button is used to access several features that assist in returning calls or making new calls.

Call logs

Your phone retains the last 100 calls that have been made from or placed to your phone; they will show on the screen in the following order:

  • Missed Calls - calls that rang your phone that you did not answer
  • Received Calls - calls that you answered
  • Placed Calls - calls that you made from the phone
  1. Use the Navigation button to select the call log you would like to view and press the Select softkey
  2. Use the Navigation button to view each call, the Detail softkey will give you additional detail about a call, the Dial softkey or picking up the handset will dial that number
  3. To dial an off-campus number from your Missed Calls or Received Calls, use the EditDial softkey to add a 9 (local) or 91 (long distance) to a number (caller ID does not provide those digits)

University directory / Fusser's guide

You can browse or search for staff and faculty of the university by accessing one of the options below:

  • Browse by Department
  • Search by Name
  1. Use the Navigation button to select one of the options and press the Select softkey
  2. If you are browsing, use the Navigation button to select the department or name you are looking for. Hint: you can also use the keypad numbers to jump ahead or backwards in a long list (pressing 5 0 will jump to entry 50)
  3. If you are searching, use the keypad to enter part of a last name; pressing a number key once for the first letter on a key, twice for the second letter, etc with brief pauses between letters. For example "Lee" would be spelled out 555 (L) 33 (E) 33 (E). You can use the << (backspace) softkey if you make a mistake.

Custom directories

Custom directories allow you to maintain a list of contacts and their phone numbers that can be shared between several users. Each user has a custom directory named Personal for their exclusive use, but additional custom directories can be created - especially useful for groups of people that frequently call the same numbers. A custom directory can be updated using the phone or using the website

  1. Use the Navigation button to select a custom directory (e.g. Personal) and press the Select softkey
  2. To dial a contact, press the Select softkey then navigate to the number you want (home, work, mobile) and lift the handset or press the Dial softkey.
  3. To add a new entry press the AddNew softkey, then use the keypad to enter names. For off-campus numbers that are in the 503 area code but long distance, be sure to include the 1.
  4. To delete or change a contact press the Edit softkey
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