Phone diagram

Cisco Phone Diagram

Phone Button Programmable buttons

Depending on configuration, programmable buttons provide access to:

  • Line buttons
  • Speed dial / monitor buttons
  • Other features

The buttons illuminate to indicate status:

Green LightGreen, steady - Active call; flashing - Held call

Amber Light Amber, steady - Privacy in use; flashing - Incoming call

Red Light Red steady - Remote line in use


Phone screen

Shows phone features.


Footstand button

Allows you to adjust the angle of the phone base.


Messages ButtonMessages button

Auto-dials your voice message service (varies by service).


Directories ButtonDirectories button

Opens/closes the Directories menu. Use it to access call logs and directories.


Help ButtonHelp button

Activates the Help menu.


Settings ButtonSettings button

Opens/closes the Settings menu. Use it to control phone screen contrast and ring sounds.


Services ButtonServices button

Opens/closes the Services menu.


Volume ButtonVolume button

Controls the handset, headset, and speakerphone volume (off-hook) and the ringer volume (on-hook).


Speaker buttonSpeaker button

Toggles the speakerphone on or off. When the speakerphone is on, the button is lit.


Mute buttonMute button

Toggles the Mute feature on or off. When Mute is on, the button is lit.


Headset buttonHeadset button

Toggles the headset on or off. When the headset is on, the button is lit.


Navigation buttonNavigation button

Allows you to scroll through menus and highlight items. When the phone is on-hook, displays phone numbers from your Placed Calls log.



Allows you to dial phone numbers, enter letters, and choose menu items.


Softkey buttonSoftkey buttons

Each activates a softkey option (displayed on your phone screen).


Handset light strip

Indicates an incoming call or new voice message.

Features Available While on a Call (On the Phone)

Adjust call volume

  1. With a call in progress, press the up or down volume button.

Place a call on hold

  1. Press the Hold softkey.
  2. To return to the call, press the Resume soft key.

Transfer the call to another extension

  1. With a call in progress, press the Trnsfer soft key. This places the call on hold.
  2. Dial the extension to which you want to transfer the call.
  3. When you hear ringing, press the Trnsfer soft key again, or wait for an answer, announce the call and then press Trnsfer.

Transfer the call directly to someone's voice mail

  1. With a call in progress, press the Trsnfer soft key. This places the call on hold.
  2. Dial * followed by the extension or mailbox to which you want to transfer to call (for example *1234 would be mailbox 1234)
  3. Press the Trnsfer soft key again.

Place a conference call

  1. With a call in progress, press the More softkey. Press the Confrn soft key. This will put the first call on hold and give you a new dial tone to make another call.
  2. Dial the number/extension of the person you wish to add to the call.
  3. When the new person answers, press the Confrn softkey again to add this person to the conference.
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 to add more callers; up to 6 including yourself.

Answer another call (if you have call waiting enabled or multiple lines)

  1. You will hear a call waiting beep indicating you have another call.
  2. Press the Answer soft key to put the first call on hold and answer the second call, or press the line button.
  3. Note: To switch between calls, use the Navigation button to select the desired call and then press the Resume softkey, or press the line button.

Features Available While NOT on a Call

Adjust ringer volume

  1. Press the up or down volume button.
  2. To save the ring volume, press the Save softkey.

Check voicemail messages or alter voicemail settings

  1. Press the Messages button.
  2. See also: Cisco Voicemail

Forward all calls to voicemail

  1. Press the CFwdAll softkey.
  2. Press the Messages button.
  3. To cancel call forwarding, press the CFwdAll softkey.

Forward all calls to another extension or number

  1. Press the CFwdAll softkey. You should hear two beeps.
  2. Enter the number to which you want to forward all of your calls. Be sure to enter the number exactly as you would if you were placing a call to that number from your office phone. You should hear one beep. Note: The extension you are forwarding to will still be able to call your extension.
  3. To cancel call forwarding, press the CFwdAll softkey.

Note: Calls may only be forwarded to campus extensions or local numbers. If you need to forward to a long-distance number (e.g., a cell phone), please contact WITS.

Set your phone to not ring (Do Not Disturb)

  1. Press the DND softkey. Your phone will just beep once if a call comes in. Press DND again to turn off.

Send a ringing call directly to voicemail

  1. Press the iDivert softkey.

Redial the last number dialed

  1. Lift the handset and press the Redial softkey, or simply press Redial to activate the speakerphone.

View missed, received, and placed calls, search directories

  1. Press the Directories button (see also Cisco Directories)
  2. Use the Navigation button and the Select softkey.
  3. If desired, press the Dial soft key to dial the selected number from this list. Note: It may be necessary to use the EditDial soft key to insert a 1 at the beginning of a number to dial long distance.

Changing the ringer sound

  1. Press the Settings button. User Preferences will be highlighted.
  2. Press Select softkey. Rings will be highlighted.
  3. Press the Select softkey.
  4. Use the Navigation bar to highlight the specific line you would like to change or change the Default Ring. The name of the current ring sound is displayed.
  5. Press the Select softkey.
  6. Press the Navigation bar to highlight one of the available ring types. Note: There are more ringer sounds available when changing the Default Ring than when changing a specific line ring.
  7. Press the Play softkey to hear the ring.
  8. Press Select and then press Save soft key to save your selection and Exit repeatedly.
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