In order to make a conference call, you must have a "Conf" softkey on your telephone. You can set up a conference call for up to six (6) people, including yourself. If several people want to listen to one outside caller, WITS has several phones that may be reserved for this purpose. If conference capability is needed for more than six callers, call Casslayne Porterfield at x6037 to arrange for an outside conference service to handle the call. A 24 hour notice is not necessary but would make the arrangements easier.

To set up a conference call using your campus phone:

  1. After calling the first person, press Confrn (you may have to press More first). This places the first conferee on HOLD.
  2. Dial the number for the next person you want to add to the conference.
    When the call is answered, you can talk privately with the person before they join the conference. (If they do not answer, press EndCall to hang up and then Resume to connect back to your call on hold.)
  3. To join them to the conference press Confrn again.
  4. The procedure may be repeated to include up to five additional people.
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