Access Number for the Voicemail System

To listen to your messages or change voicemail settings such as password or greeting.

On Campus Access: 3370 (or press the Message key on your deskset)
Off Campus Access: 503-373-3370

Access Number for Express Messaging

To leave message directly in someone's voicemail box without dialing their phone.

On Campus: 3371
Off Campus 503-373-3371

To Access and Use the Voicemail System

  1. Dial the access number or press MESSAGE.
  2. Press # (if using your own deskset) or dial your extension number and press # (if using another phone).
  3. Enter password then press #.
    • The mailbox summary tells you how many new messages you have, and if any of them are urgent. You will then hear the message announcement (sender's name and the date and time of the message) of the first message.
    • Press 2 to play the message.
  4. Here are other things you can do:
    • Press 4 to go to previous message.
    • Press 6 to skip to next message.
    • Press 8 6 to go to specific message by pressing the message number.
    • Press # to pause during playback.
    • Press 2 to continue.
    • Press 1 to skip backward 5 seconds.
    • Press 3 to skip forward 5 seconds.
    • Press 2 1 to decrease speed (speed can only be decreased to normal speed).
    • Press 2 3 to increase speed.
    • Press 9 to call sender.
    • Press 7 1 to reply to sender.
    • Press 7 3 to forward message.
    • Press 7 6 to delete message.
  5. When you are done, press 8 3 to log off the mail system.

To Change Password

You must enter a password to access your voicemail box. Your password may be 4-16 numbers or letters, but you may not use # and *.

  1. Dial the access number or press MESSAGE.
  2. Press 8 4 for change password.
  3. Enter new password then press #.
  4. Reenter new password then press #.
  5. Enter old password (the default is your extension) then press #.
  6. When you are done, press 8 3 to log off the mail system.

To Record Personal Verification

When someone receives a voicemail message from you, they will hear your Personal Verification, followed by your message.

  1. Dial the access number or press MESSAGE.
  2. Press 8 9 to record.
  3. Press 5.
  4. Wait for the tone and state your name (you may also want to include your title and/or extension number).
  5. When finished recording, press #.
  6. When done, press 8 3 to Log Off the system.

To Record Personal Greeting

Your Personal Greeting is what others will hear when they call and reach your voicemail. There are three types of greetings:

    • External greeting: heard only by off-campus callers
    • Internal greeting: heard only by on-campus callers
    • Temporary greeting: set this greeting when you go on vacation


  1. Dial the access number or press MESSAGE.
  2. Press 8 2 for record greeting.
  3. Press 1 for external greeting, 2 for internal greeting, or 3 for temporary greeting.
  4. Press 5 to start recording.
  5. Wait for tone, then start to speak.
  6. Press # to stop recording.
  7. You can do one of the following at this point:
    • Press 2 to review greeting.
    • Press 7 6 to delete greeting.
    • Press 5 to re-record greeting (again, end recording with #).
    • If you have chosen to record a temporary greeting, press 9 to set the expiry date. Enter a two digit month followed by #; a two digit date followed by #; and a four digit time followed by #.
      For example, if you entered 01# 01# 0800# then your greeting would expire at 8:00am on January 1st.
  8. When you are done, either press 4 to return to your messages or press 8 3 to log off the mail system.
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