Antivirus Software Policy

Willamette University policy requires that all computers on the campus network have up-to-date antivirus software. This means not only that you have antivirus software installed and running on your computer, but also that information about new viruses is downloaded to your computer on a daily or weekly basis.

To help students adhere to this policy, we offer recommendations for free antivirus software for Windows and Mac. Click here for more information.

Before installing the university-recommended software on your computer, be sure to remove any antivirus software you already have. Having two such programs operating simultaneously can cause your computer to be unstable. Most new computers come with a trial version of some anti-virus software, so even if you have not installed such software, it may be on your system. Those trial versions continue to run until you remove them, but stop protecting you after the trial subscription expires, typically three months after you start using your computer.

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