• Willamette's WUPrint service is for users on the Willamette network who do not have convenient access to a personal or University printer or want to send print jobs via the internet to public printers located in various locations across campus. Most of the Willamette computer labs use WUPrint exclusively for their print option.

WUPrint offers four printing options:

  1. Upload print (recommended!): Available for a few common formats (MS Office and OpenOffice documents, PDFs and some image types). Nothing to install, just upload the document directly from your computer to the web and then print it to any of the listed printers. Available on- and off-campus.
  2. Web print: Nothing to install; just enter a web address and then print it to any of the listed printers. Available on-campus only.
  3. Email print: Nothing to install; send print jobs directly from a mobile phone or device via email using wuprint@willamette.edu. Available on- and off-campus.
  4. Driver print: Allows you to connect WUPrint to your personal computer so that it shows up as a printer that can be selected from your applications' Print dialog box. Available on-campus only.  Don't use the recommended printer driver, use  HP Color LaserJet 2800 series PS

Using WUPrint

To send print jobs to WUPrint:

Upload Print: Login to the WUPrint web page and select the My Print Jobs tab. Click the "Browse" button to search your computer or network storage space and select the file you want to print. Click the "Next" button.Upload Print Example Web Print: Login to the WUPrint web page and select the Web Print tab. Enter a URL in the "Web Address to Print" box for the web address you want to print. Click the "Next" button.Web Print Example

Email Print: Attach the document(s) you want to print to an email that is sent to wuprint@willamette.edu. The first time you send a print job from an email address, you will need to wait for and respond to a return email asking you to register your email address with the printing system.

Driver Print: Select the installed WUPrint printer from the application Print dialog box.

To release jobs to a printer:

Log in to the WUPrint web page. Your queued print job(s) will appear in a list.

list of files to release to printer

Select a printer from the dropdown list.

Check the "Advanced" box to access the printer options you can modify (copies, page range, single/double sided, print color as black/white).

Click the "Print" button

If you decide not to print a job, click on "Delete."

Print from home: You can send and release jobs to printers even from off-campus

Using the Advanced Settings

Need to print a job single-sided? That option (among others) is controlled by the Advanced Options from within WUPrint

Setting up Driver Print for a WUPrint Printer

For your personal computer: You can set up a WUPrint printer on your personal computer that will allow you to send documents to your network print queue from an application's regular Print dialog box. When you are ready to release your print job(s), all you have to do is login to Willamette WUPrint, select a convenient printer, and print your documents. Driver Print Tab

For instructions on installing a WUPrint printer on your computer, login to Willamette WUPrint using your Willamette user name and password. Select "Driver Print" from the tabs at the top of the page.

On the next page, click on the appropriate image to select the appropriate your operating system. Driver print is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Select Operating System

This will take you to a page titled "Configuring Driver Print on [Selected Operating System]." Be sure to select the Simple (1) option and click the "Continue" button. Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the configuration.  Don't use the suggested print driver, use  HP Color LaserJet 2800 series PS

Simple Selection

In computer labs: The WUPrint printer has already been set up on lab computers. Simply print your document as usual from the application Print menu and select the WUPrint printer in the "Print" dialog box. Then visit the WUPrint web page (https://secure.willamette.edu/wuprint) to release the print job to a printer in/near the lab.

Getting Help

If you have any questions or need any assistance, contact the WITS Help Desk (x6767 or wits@willamette.edu).

Brilliant Color and Sharp Black Printing

Print Services provides creative, flexible and efficient digital color printing services to the campus community. Conveniently located in the University Services Building just next to the Service Center, Print Services is outfitted with specialized Xerox production equipment for brilliant color and sharp black print. Visit our web page or stop by to view the variety of stock on hand. We also offer a variety of services to make your project it’s very best.

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