Installing Panopto

Step 1: Adding Panopto in WISE

Log in to WISE, open the course site where you'd like to to record your lecture or presentation.

Add the Panopto Tool:  Click Site Info, then click the Manage Tools tab

Scroll through the list of tools until you reach the bottom of the list. Expand "External Tools" and check the box next to Panopto.  Then Click Continue and Finish.

Step 2: Installing the Panopto Client Application
(Note, Panopto runs in Windows 8 and up or MacOS version 10.13 and up.  Older MacOS versions will need to be updated.)
Open the Panopto Tool from your WISE Course Site

It will attempt to open a new tab but may be blocked from doing so.  If this happens, Click Press to re-launch page

You should now have a new tab with the Willamette-branded Panopto interface.

If this is your first time running Panopto, Click Download Panopto in the upper-right corner and run the downloaded installer (you'll need admin rights, most faculty have them.)  Do this the first time you record on any computer you plan to record from, but know it is pre-installed on teaching stations around campus.

Step 3: Start Recording!

If you plan to use a PowerPoint presentation, open it before you begin recording.

Sign into WISE, open the desired course, click the Panopto tool, and click Create:

Click Create

You can Record a new session, Upload audio or video files, and do a few other things we won't cover here.

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