Campus Mailgroups and Broadcast Emails: Guide and Usage

To increase the effectiveness and timeliness of news, updates and safety information shared via email, the university has moved to the use of Google Groups. Everyone in the campus community belongs to designated groups and many belong to opt-in groups, which allow group moderators to manage email messages to and among its members.


In addition to existing guidance about responsible use of technology and other applicable university policies, groups are organized accordingly:

Constituent Designated Groups

  • Messages must relate directly to university business.
  • Group messages should be used when other communication methods such as the Bearcat Bulletin, event calendar or university website aren’t feasible.
  • If the group is moderated, moderators should respond to group message requests within two business days.
  • Event information should be shared through the university event calendar, which will feed the university website and weekly Bearcat Bulletin. Group messages should be avoided for event communication.
  • Avoid reminders and recurring messages on designated lists.

Opt-in Groups

Requests to Send to Moderated Groups

  • To send a group message, contact the group’s moderator.
  • Give moderators plenty of lead time; messages will not be sent until approved by the moderator. Messages may be sent as a periodic digest, so plan ahead to ensure timely delivery.

A note about group moderators: in spring 2016 Web Development and University Communications will host a number of information sessions to provide more information about how to moderate group messages, along with best practices, for those designated as moderators.

Broadcast Email Groups

Group Name Membership Moderator
wu-community Students, Faculty & Staff, TIUA, Retirees MarCom
wu-students All Students MarCom
cla-students All CAS Students includes gifted scholars; cross registrants & non-degree CAS Dean
law-students Law students Law Student Services
agsm-students All Atkinson students AGSM
wa-students Willamette Academy students WU Academy
wu-colleagues All current Faculty and Staff MarCom
wu-faculty All current Faculty MarCom
cla-faculty CAS faculty CAS Dean
cla-broadcast CAS faculty plus lurkers CAS Dean
law-faculty Law faculty Law Dean
agsm-faculty AGSM full-time faculty AGSM
agsm-confac AGSM current contributing faculty AGSM
wu-staff All non-faculty employees MarCom
admin-staff Administrative Staff HR
classified-staff Classified Employees HR
wu-retirees Retired Employees HR/Chaplain TIUA employees TIUA
wu-icl ICL Members ICL Staff

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