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Highlights (Admin)


Screenshot of MyWillamette dashboard with the left side higlighted for the highlight section
The Highlights are large notifications and reminders located on the left side of the dashboard.

To Add and Edit a Highlight

  1. Click on “Add +” or “Edit” on the top right side of the highlight section
    1. If you’re editing, you’ll be directed to the highlight backend, you can change the highlight statuses, edit the content, or delete the highlight here.

The Highlight form

  1. Enter the Title (This is the Header that shows up)
  2. Set the status 
    1. By default, highlights are set to “Draft”, which hides the highlight.
    2. “Active” will publish the highlight to the dashboard
    3. “Archived” will turn off the highlight and remove the highlight from the list
  3. Create the highlighted message with the WYSIWYG editor
  4. Upload the image by clicking on the box or dragging the image file to the box
    1. *Please make sure that the image does not contain text
    2. *Max size 2MB, Only .jpg/.jpeg and .svg files are accepted..
  5. Enter the Alt Text
    1. *For accessibility purposes, describe the significance of the image. Visit Willamette University's Accessibility page for more info.
  6. Click on “Save” to create the highlight or save your changes
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