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Willamette University's intranet platform

What is MyWillamette?

MyWillamette provides quick and easy access to Today@, events, resources, links, and information for students, faculty, and staff. Content is password protected and audience based based on your preferences.

Visit MyWillamette to join the beta.

Easier Access to Resources

Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for how to submit a WITS service request or the policy on responsible use of technology resources. MyWillamette will offer enhanced navigation tools, ensuring quick and convenient access to vital information, documents, forms, policies, and procedures. Popular resources and systems will be available from the landing page, and you can search for more resources through the wayfinding panel. Once you’ve found what you need, you can mark it as a favorite for easy access from your personal landing page.

Streamlined Internal Communication

One of the goals of MyWillamette is to help you stay informed and connected. There will now be a dedicated space on the landing page where community updates can be shared with internal audiences. From the landing page, you can easily see these highlights, Today@ announcements, upcoming events, and more. MyWillamette will empower community members to share essential updates, news, and announcements more efficiently and effectively. 

  • What about the old intranet Portal?
    Don’t worry–the current intranet portal will still be available after the launch of MyWillamette so members of our community will have time to get familiar with the new platform while having access to the documents and files on the existing platform. In fact, you will be able to opt-in to determine which portal you want to have linked to the MyWillamette button on the top of our home page.
  • Where can I send Feedback?

    You can send feedback through our ticketing system, you can also find these links throughout MyWillamette (through the footer and the resources panel sidebar):

    Send us your feedback

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