ASWU Officers

  • Image of Becca Brownlee

    Becca Brownlee

    Intrim President
    Monday & Wednesday, 10am-12pm ASWU Office, Thursday, 11:30am-12:30pm ASWU Office (Unavailable the first Thursday of every month)
    (925) 922-0938
    The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Associated Students of Willamette University serves as the primary representative of the members of ASWU and sits on the Board of Trustees. The President oversees the other Executive officers, coordinates with ASWU's multiple external programs, and nominates students to campus-wide committees.
  • Image of Teo Ekstrom

    Teo Ekstrom

    Vice President
    The Vice President serve as the President of the Senate and assists the 21 member senate with projects and initiatives. The Vice President also oversees elections as Chair of the Election Commission.
  • Image of Caroline Brinster

    Caroline Brinster

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-11am ASWU Office, Tuesday, Thursday 3-4pm ASWU Office (Unavailable on 2/16, Spring Break, 4/20)
    The Treasurer manages, administers, and keeps appropriate records of the ASWU finance system. The Treasurer works with the Club Approval and Finance Committee to present all Budget Proposals for approval by the ASWU Senate and serves as financial advisor for all ASWU activities, committees, organizations, and boards.