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Study Abroad Resources

Compiled by Office of International Education- OIE: Study Abroad

Language Dictionaries

Denshi Jisho: A great Japanese dictionary!  (Favorite of many LLC and JSSL members) and Translates website text with a mouse-over.  An awesome study tool!

三省堂 Web Dictionary Japanese-Japanese Dictionary

The Counting Dictionary, a Dictionary of Japanese Counters Useful for studying how to count in a language without plurals.

Reading/Vocabulary/Study Tools

Reading Tutorial Toolbox - Copy and paste Japanese text and the site will dissect and explain the text to you. and Translates website text with a mouse-over.  An awesome study tool!   Browser Add-on for Firefox users that gives you a quick and easy way to find out the reading or definition of Japanese text.  Similar to and

Kanji Dictionaries

Kanji Alive -This is a really cool site.  Helps a lot with stroke order in addition to many other kanji problems!!

Miscellaneous Japanese Language Help

Kanji Worksheet

Kanji Radicals

Kanji Clinic

iPod Touch/iPhone Apps!

Available in the iTunes App Store!

Imi wa?- The FAVORITE dictionary app for many Japanese Language students

JGD Basic- Basic Japanese grammar dictionary

World Nomads Japanese Language Guide- Includes helpful Japanese phrases

Advanced Japanese Phrases

Kanji LS Touch- uses iPod Touch/iPhone's touch screen to practice writing kanji

Wakaru- Similar to WordChamp, but for your iPod

KanjiBox- Kanji study app

Kanji de Q- kanji quiz app for native speakers


MetrO- Public transportation help/planner (though it's best to have a route/plan before leaving your house, this still convenient).

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Resources

JLPT Official Website:

JLPT N1-5 Kanji and Vocabulary iPod App (best app, in my opinion): JLPT Study


Kanji N1-5

がんばって! :-)