Japan Studies Student Leaders strives to help educate the Willamette and Salem community about the Japanese language and culture through a variety of inclusive events. JSSL creates a sense of community among members by ensuring that every member has a say, and can participate, in all events. We expand our educational interests with the support of the Japanese and Chinese Studies Department, the Center for Asian Studies, and Tokyo International University of America (hereby referred to as TIUA), acting as a resource for Willamette students to broaden their understanding of Japan and the connections between Japan, the US, and the world.

JSSL is the sum of its members and no single person runs JSSL.  Every member of JSSL is a representative, and thus, capable of affecting change and making a difference.  We are not Willamette University's version of a "Japan Club."  Instead, we are an organization that focuses on Japanese culture and language through planning and facilitating events planned by its members.

For the sake of clarification, JSSL's members can generally be divided up into three distinct groups.

Executive Board Members

Executive Board Members are those with a high degree of interest in the running of the organization.  They should possess strong leadership capabilities and are of at least sophomore status and of good academic standing.  They are responsible for the organization as a whole and should exercise cooperative group thinking when making their decisions.  In short, they need to exemplify leadership, integrity, and teamwork. 

Committee Leaders

Committee Leaders provide direction and initiative in the coordinating of their respective committee.  Their job is to insure the implementation of JSSL’s events.  They should be capable of coordinating with the members in their committee and provide advice on the execution of events.  It is important that committee leaders work with interested members in their groups and distribute the workload.  Although committee leaders are essentially JSSL’s workhorses, they should understand that their true role is to provide guidance.  Hence, they are not responsible for shouldering the work in its entirety and should be wary of becoming too overworked or stressed.

General Members

General Members are those with an interest in the events that JSSL coordinates but do not feel ready/or a need to take on a position as a Committee Leader or Executive Board Member.  General Members are the backbone of JSSL and are encouraged to participate in as many of JSSL’s events as they see fit.