SHRM Assurance of Learning

Assurance of Learning Assessment for Graduating HR Students: 
The Society for Human Resource Management's (SHRM) Assurance of Learning Assessment for graduating HR students is the new universal benchmark for students who are completing an HR degree and who have little to no work experience in HR. It benefits students by showing employers the student has acquired the minimum knowledge required to be a successful HR professional, and it gives recent graduates an important advantage over other entry-level candidates by showing the student has achieved the Certificate of Learning upon passing an exit exam. The assessment helps universities meet their accrediting body's assurance of learning requirements because it helps show the HR degree program teaches what it states it will teach. And, it helps employers know that the student has taken an additional step to ensure their degree, complemented by the Certificate of Learning achievement, adequately prepares them for their career in HR. As part of SHRM's broader academic initiative, the Assessment represents an important step along an HR professional's career development path. It complements both formal classroom knowledge acquired through a degree program and experiential learning gained through internships. To learn more, visit the Assurance of Learning page on the SHRM website.

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