Weekly Rehearsals

Location: TIUA campus, Kaneko Auditorium.

Questions?  Please email the Execs at <exec-willamette-taiko@willamette.edu>

If you are interested in joining, we invite new members at the beginning of each semester.

Willamette Taiko

Welcome to Willamette Taiko Club! 


We are a student-run organization that aims to foster relationships between American Studies Program (ASP) and Willamette University students through learning how to play the traditional Japanese taiko drum.

Founded in 1998 by Mr. Masa Goto, a former International Education faculty member and taiko coach at Tokyo International University (TIU) and Willamette Alum, Willamette Taiko brings together any and all students who are interested and willing to learn the rich history and skill required to play the taiko drum.

Willamette Taiko accepts anyone, with any or no skill level. 

Requirements are:  a positive attitude, a group-oriented mentality, willingness to learn, and good attendance to rehearsals.

Fall 2015

Willamette Taiko 2016

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