Wulapalooza Directions

From I-5 (North or South)
1. Take the Highway 22 exit (number 253).
2. At the first light, head west (a left turn for those coming from the south, a right when coming from the north).
3. Stay on Highway 22 for about 1.5 miles.
4. As you pass 17th Street, you'll start up an overpass.
5. At the top of this overpass there is an exit to the right.
6. Take this exit (Willamette University is indicated on the sign).
7. Keep left as the exit divides.
8. You'll see a green Willamette University sign on your right - pass by, and continue to Winter St.
9. The guest parking lot is on the northeast corner of Bellevue and Winter Streets, entrance on Winter St.

From the Oregon Coast
1. Take Highway 18 from from Lincoln City (off Highway 101) east.
2. Stay on Highway 18 for about 27 miles.
3. Take the Salem exit (Highway 22).
4. Stay on Highway 22 for about 26 miles.
5. Highway 22 will take you into downtown Salem, crossing a bridge over the Willamette River, onto Center Street.
6. Turn right on High Street.
7. Turn left on State Street.
8. Turn right on Winter Street.
9. Just past Mill Street, turn left into guest parking lot.

From Central Oregon
1. Take Highway 22 west.
2. After you pass over I-5, follow the I-5 directions above