Academic Advising

Get the most out of your Willamette education.

Your academic advisor is in your corner—providing helpful guidance in selecting your courses and, sometimes, challenging you to get outside your comfort zone and spread your wings a bit.

All undergraduate students work directly with a faculty advisor. Your advisor can help you craft an academic program that meets your interests and needs (and university requirements).

You meet with your academic advisor every semester. The idea is to plan both an immediate semester program, and look ahead to a total, four-year liberal arts program. Being an academic advisor is an important responsibility that our faculty members take seriously.

Guiding Freshmen

Many freshmen do not yet know what their major will be. Therefore, the student and the advisor often plan a two-year general education program to introduce freshmen to the broad liberal arts spectrum.

The general education program will acquaint students with a wide variety of possible majors. All members of the undergraduate faculty, regardless of their individual areas of specialization, are prepared to guide students who have not yet declared a major.

Declaring a Major

When declaring a major by junior year, you choose an advisor in that major field and plan the remaining semesters to meet the major requirements. In addition, you need to complete your complementary elective and general education study.

While you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that all graduation requirements are met, the academic advisor stands ready to lend assistance, offer information, and check programs. Students who select multiple majors may work with multiple advisors in different departments.

Dual Degree Programs

If you are interested in a combined-degree program, you should also contact the specific program advisor as soon as possible.

Music Majors

If you’re seeking a Bachelor of Music degree, you are strongly advised to make immediate contact with the Music Department. That way, you can enter a more intensive advising process.

Transfer Students

As a transfer student, you are assigned an advisor according to your designated major field of interest, prior to your initial semester. It is important to meet with this advisor as soon as you arrive on campus. That way, you will be sure to have a plan to meet all major program and College of Arts & Sciences graduation requirements.

You can also get personal advising and career counseling through the undergraduate Office of Career Services. Graduate students are encouraged to contact the MBA Office of Career Management or Law Placement Office.

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