Thank you for your interest in donating! Come to the SOAR Center during hours of operation to drop off items or send an email to to arrange another time.

Willamette Community Resource Program (WUCRP)

The SOAR Center also has a donation collection program, the WU Community Resource Project (WUCRP). Modeled off of the Ashland Food Project, WUCRP eliminates any logistical barriers that prevent staff and faculty from donating to the SOAR Center. Each donor receives a reusable bag to fill up at the beginning of each month. On the first Monday of the month, SOAR Center Coordinators come to each donor’s place of work on campus and collect the donations. This is a simple and sustainable way to contribute to our Willamette community. To sign up to contribute to this program, fill out this form.

We also accept monetary donations.

 SOAR Contributors          How SOAR Runs

Contributors to the SOAR Center

The SOAR Center could not function without the support of our valuable partners and contributors. If you are interested in donating food, textbooks, or clothing to the SOAR Center, please email

Help Support The SOAR Center

The SOAR Center could not function without community support. If you'd like to donate, follow the link and make the designation read "other," then type in "SOAR Center."

Thank you!

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