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Degrees Available: Bachelor of Arts

Uncover clues to the past in the only undergraduate archaeology program at a liberal arts college in the West.

Fly drones over archaeological sites from Salem to Scotland. Use ground-penetrating radar to determine the location of historic landmarks. Probe excavation sites to help preserve Indigenous artifacts.

As a student in our archaeology program, you’ll have access to powerful research opportunities across the street and around the globe. Our professors are experienced field archaeologists who will inspire you to dig, to search, to illuminate the shadows in human history. 

Through the Archaeology Field School, Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology, Hallie Ford Museum of Art and Salem Society of the Archaeological Institute of Americas, you’ll work with experts across disciplines. You’ll also gain practical experience using innovative technologies.

By the time you graduate, you’ll be ready for professional opportunities in cultural resource management, environmental consulting, law, education, museums, planning, tourism and an array of other careers.

Featured Alumni


Jo Heupel ’14

  • Featured in National Geographic’s “Before Stonehenge,” a cover story years in the making
  • Among 10 students who accompanied environmental science professor Scott Pike to Orkney Islands off Scotland’s northern coast
  • Spent four weeks working with international archaeologists to excavate the Ness of Brodgar, a Neolithic site that dates to 3200 B.C.
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