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Episode 4: Paint and Struggle Event Fuses Art and Activism

Episode 5: Artist Betty LaDuke Comes to Salem

Episode 28: Artist Willy Palomo Visits to Share Poetry and Activist Experiences 

Episode 35: From Hawai'i to Oregon, Local Artist Jens Lerback Paints Nature

Climate and Energy

Episode 1: 350 Salem 

Episode 7: Debating Climate Disruption Topics 

Episode 9: Linking Oregon and Puerto Rico in Hurricane Maria Aftermath

Episode 14: Supporting Recovery Efforts in the Caribbean with Local Group Oregon in Solidarity with Puerto Rico 

Episode 21: The Local and Global Interconnection of Environmental and Climate Justice 

Episode 31: Extracting Arguments for and Against Offshore Drilling


Episode 2: U-Pick Miller Farms  

Episode 12: Food Justice is an Everyday, Not Only a Holiday, Topic 

Episode 16: Local Chef Andre Uribe Builds Community One Meal at a Time 

Episode 18: WU Creates Food Pantry and Strengthens Community in the Process 

Episode 19: Nourishing Community: Salem Harvest Offers Healthy, Locally-Grown Food to Willamette Valley

Episode 26: Food for Thought about Communal Ties and Consumption

Episode 30: Can Certain Eating Practices Lead to Liberation? This Week's Guest Thinks So

Episode 32: Rethinking Our Diets: An Exchange About Food and Animals

Episode 34: Harvest Time Heats Up in Spring and Summer

Episode 36: Composting is Easy if You Have the Resources

Episode 37: On Food and Farming


KMUZ Radio Introduces “Worldviews Wednesday” Show

Episode 6: Connecting Sustainability with Disability 

Episode 10: WU students discuss life as student-athletes and sustainability communication 

Episode 15: Rad American Women Creators Visit Salem and WU

Episode 17: Critiquing Public Discourse: WU Students Share Their Research Projects

Episode 20: PNW Race, Rhetoric, & Media Symposium Comes to WU 

Episode 22: CCTV Strives for Lively and Local Programming 

Episode 23: Chemeketa Community College Strives to Create a Culture of Sustainability  

Episode 24: Mass Incarceration: How did we get here, and what do we do about it? 

Episode 25: Honoring Native and Indigenous Cultures at Annual Powwow

Episode 27: Environmental Science Education Carries Long-time Impacts

Episode 29: Making Universities Sustainable Involves More than Going Green

Episode 33: Salem-Keizer School Bond Measure Up for Vote May 15!

Episode 41: What Are Effective Ways for Environmental Organizing On and Offline?

Episode 47: The SOAR Center Prepares to Open on WU's Campus

Episode 49: Getting Ticked Off: WU Student Researchers Discuss the Contentious Discourses Shaping Lyme Disease

Labor and/or Toxins

Episode 11: A Discussion About Labor and Migrant Rights Group PCUN

Episode 13: Pending Removal and Transfer of Dieldrin-Contaminated Soil in NE Salem and Keizer Stirs Up Controversy

Episode 39: Mapping Toxicity: Place, Pollution, and Power

Episode 45: Local Water Concerns Inspire WU Research Projects

Recreation and "Green" Issues

Episode 3: Open Streets Salem

Episode 8: Straub Environmental Center Continues Naturaleza Ahora! Initiative  

Episode 38: On Plastic Problems and Diverse Experiences in the Outdoors

Episode 40: Environmental Privilege and Green Marketing

Episode 42: Recreational and Other Local Challenges and Conflicts

Episode 43: The OR Beach Bill Turns 51

Episode 44: Reporting Sustainability Advocacy

Episode 46: Summertime Sustainability: From Recreation to Recycling

Episode 48: From What We Wear to Outdoor Care


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