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Aiden Dopson


Colloquium Associate

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Salem Campus

About Aiden

  • Major: Public Policy Law & Ethics (PPLE)
  • Minor: Civic Communications & Media (CCM)
  • Hometown: Twin Falls, ID
  • Extracurriculars: Playing rugby at Willamette, rock climbing, singing and playing live music, being a part of the Willamette Debate Team and Moot Court Team
  • Favorite classes: Pilates (Debbie does not mess around), and German with Professor Zheng, American Politics, and, of course, Intercollegiate Debate!
  • Favorite place on campus: Botanical Garden, of course
  • Favorite place off campus:  Thrift shops around Salem: Engleberks Antiks, Goodwill bins, Blast Off Vintage are all great places.


  • I studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria, during Spring 2023
  • I jumped off a bridge with a parachute solo after 15 minutes of training from some random guy
  • I was in Ukraine and Poland during the war making food for refugees last summer
  • I met MilesTeller in Rome randomly
  • I play in an awesome band that has house shoes in Salem (you better come)
  • I've been to 23 countries 

Feel free to reach out anytime via my email:

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