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Matthew Wesley Mahoney


Colloquium Associate

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Salem Campus

About Matthew

  • Major: Art History
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • Extracurriculars: Hallie Ford Museum of Art worker (current), Art History student liaison (current), Ford Hall Student Association (current), Founder and former president of Neurodivergent Student Union (former), Westside Residence Hall & Summer Housing Assistant (former), and The Collegian writer and photographer (former)
  • Favorite classes: Autoethnography, Rhetorical Theory, Introduction to Organizations, The Body in Art, Museum Studies, and really any Art History course
  • Favorite place on campus: Ford Hall and Kaneko courtyard
  • Favorite place off campus: Bush Park, the Willamette Town Center, Salem Center Mall, and Abiqua Falls (a bit of a distance, but worth the drive)


  • I have completed a College Colloquium research grant and a Carson research grant. With my College Colloquium grant, I funded a trip to Mexico City; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; and Paris, France to write a paper to problematize Surrealism. With my Carson grant, I put together a podcast called Matthew Mythology: Stories by an Autistic Art Historian.
  • I am now currently working on a Presidential scholarship doing research on the 5 Salvador Dali portfolios in our Hallie Ford Museum of Art. If you’re interested in writing proposals for research grants, I can help you.
  • I have a journaling practice where I document all my school work and my various thoughts in monthly documents titled for example “2022-8”
  • An unconventional thing about me as a college student is that I’m married. I got married to my partner Sage on Halloween of last year (October 31, 2022)

I would love to interact with y’all and help y’all as much I can. I’m passionate about helping my fellow students navigate challenges I have had to navigate. So feel free to reach out to me over the summer at my email: I look forward to further helping you in your first year next fall.

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