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Athena VanDyke


Colloquium Associate

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Contact Information

Salem Campus

About Athena

  • Major: English (Creative Writing concentration)
  • Hometown: Cornelius, OR
  • Extracurriculars: Headband, Willamette Singers, Chamber Choir, Resident Advisor
  • Favorite classes: Researching the Story; Playwriting; Intermediate Fiction Writing
  • Favorite place on campus: FAE practice rooms and UC second floor
  • Favorite place off campus: Ike Box, Bush Park, and Busick Court


  • I'm probably a 7/10 on the nerdiness scale with an even nerdier partner
  • I have a fixation of unicorns and I love singing

I’m so thrilled to welcome you to Willamette!!! As a first year you’re arriving on campus with a fresh, new experience and that is so awesome.  Your first week is gonna be exhausting, but it’ll all be worth it once you get comfortable with your new roommate, peers, and student leaders.

Have any burning questions?? Ask me here:

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