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Research Projects

Student Scholarship Recognition Day (SSRD) is held each spring to celebrate the exemplary scholarship and creativity of Willamette University students. Students work directly with faculty members or design and conduct their own research throughout the year.

  • Amazon Alexa Skill and Time Series Forecasting Model to Predict the Washington State Ferries

    Abstract: The steep rise in ridership has made the use of the Washington State Ferry system more and more troublesome due to long delays during peak hours. My project focuses on the creation of an Amazon Alexa skill and a time series forecasting model that are connected to provide easy and accurate predictions of ferry departure times. This skill will tell the user when the best time to leave for the ferry is and save time normally wasted waiting at the terminal for a delayed boat.

    Keith Carlson (2019)

  • A Case Study in Video Game Development in the Unreal Engine

    Abstract: This presentation demonstrates the process of developing a video game using the Unreal Engine. It covers the concepts specific to developing a game that is intended to be played in an online multiplayer setting. Unlike most computer-science related projects, this one required no traditional programming. Therefore, this presentation will also describe the Unreal Engine's blueprint system as a visual alternative to traditional text-based programming in the context of game development. The presentation features a demonstration of a functional online multiplayer video game powered by Steam, a popular online game distribution platform.

    Alex Lockwood (2019)

  • Recenter: A Self Care Mobile Application

    Abstract: The world is facing a mental health crisis---but many of the world's governments have taken no action to combat it. Recenter works to combat this inaction by providing users with access to DBT-based self-care techniques, guided meditations, a sleep-cycle clock, a mood card, and more. In doing so, Recenter provides simple mental health care to anybody with a smartphone regardless of their access to sufficient mental health care otherwise.

    Daniel Koenig (2019)

Conference Presentations

In October 2019 Sarah Ortiz and Conor Krystad won the first and second place student poster competition at the CCSC-NW 2019 conference.


Additional Research Projects

These are all the projects the Computer Science department has presented at SSRD in the last few years.


  • Recenter: A Self Care Mobile Application - Daniel Koenig (Thesis)
  • Amazon Alexa Skill and Time Series Forecasting Model to Predict the Washington State Ferries - Keith Carlson (Thesis)
  • A Case Study in Video Game Development in the Unreal Engine - Alex Lockwood (Thesis)


  • Making a game in Unity - Bailey Williams (Thesis)
  • Super Spark World - Logan Smith (Thesis)
  • Blender to Unity 3D: A Three Dimensional Approach to 2D Gaming - D'Angelo Guiton (Thesis)
  • Turn-Based Strategy Game with Unreal Engine - Christopher Skarda (Thesis)
  • Ear Training iOS App - Ariel Todoki (Thesis)
  • Eenie Meenie: Where to go get food? - Dylan Critchfield (Thesis)
  • Game Design Refinement - Dana Kehrley (Colloquium Grant)
  • Art and Virtual Reality - Anna Neshyba (Thesis)
  • Procedural Generation of Realistic Buildings - Scotti Anderson (Thesis)
  • Virtual Reality of Inception through Procedural Maze Generation - Elizabeth Reed (Thesis)
  • MTG Card Reader with Feature Detection - Dakota Madden-Fong (Thesis)
  • Machine Learning and Neural Networks Applied to Video Games - Carlos Luevanos (Thesis)
  • Machine Learning Algorithms in League of Legends - Gregory Callahan (Thesis)
  • Exploring Cryptography Through Ethical Hacking and Research - Keith Carlson, Thomas Tuttle, Dylan King (Poster)
  • Melody Extraction Based Music Game - Callum Johnson, Eric Keefe, Dylan Miyashiro (Poster)
  • Creating Spectrum: Game Development in the Unreal Engine - Alexander Lockwood, David Chidester, Caden Kesey (Poster)
  • CyberSec - Jeffrey Sutherland, Dalton Haselgrove, Maxamillian Pichardo (Poster)
  • United States Cancer Statistics Data Analysis - Rachel Harvill, Daniel Koenig (Poster)
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