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Amadou Fofana

Professor of French and Francophone Studies; French Department Chair

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Contact Information

Salem Campus

Walton 238
900 State Street
Salem  Oregon  97301
503-375-5398 (Fax)


PhD, African Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison

MA, French Literature and Civilization, Michigan State University


Dr. Amadou T. Fofana received a Licence es Lettres and a Maîtrise in English from Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal. He also received an MA in French Literature and Civilization from Michigan State University, and his PhD in African Languages and Literature from UW-Madison, WI.

His research and teaching interests include French language and literature, Francophone literatures and cultures, African languages, literature and films.


Cinema and literature from Africa and its diaspora.


Elementary French I

Intermediate French II

African Literature

African Cinema

Demise of the French Empire

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Fofana, Amadou T., and Madigan, M. Kathleen, “Harragas and La Pirogue: The Crucible of Clandestine Crossings.” The Journal of North African Studies 22.5 (2017): 779-797.

De Raedt, Thérèse, and Amadou T. Fofana. “Interview with Cheikh Hamidou Kane.” The French Review 91.2 (2017): 190.


Fofana, Amadou T. and Josh Gibson. SenCinema. 2017. Documentary Co-producer.

External Grants and Fellowships

Amadou T. Fofana, Humanities Writ Large Emerging Humanities Networks, Duke University, Spring 2016.

Amadou T. Fofana, French and Francophone Studies Emerging Humanities Networks Grant to undertake a collaborative documentary project on African cinema  (with Josh Gibson), Duke University Humanities Writ Large Initiative, $45,200, December 2015.


Fofana, Amadou T “A Critical and Deeply Personal Reflection: Malick Aw on Cinema in Senegal Today.” Black Camera, An International Film Journal. Vol 9, Number 2. (pp 349-359). Spring 2018.

Fofana, Amadou T. “Sembene’s Cinema: a platform for African languages” in African Renaissance. Vol 14, Nos 3 & 4, (pp 31-49). Sept/Dec 2017.

Fofana, Amadou T. and Bruce S. Hall "Timbuktu: What Call To Action?" Timbuktu (dir. Abderrahmane Sissako, 2014, Mali). Black Camera, volume 9, issue 1, (pp 7-21). November 2017.

De Raedt, Thérèse and Amadou T Fofana “Un entretien avec Cheikh Hamidou Kane.” The French Review, vol. 91, No 2, (pp 190-202). December 2017.

Fofana, Amadou T and M. Kathleen Madigan. “Harragas and La Pirogue: The Crucible of Clandestine Crossings” The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 22, Number 5, 2017.

Vetinde, Lifongo, and Amadou T. Fofana. eds. Ousmane Sembène and the Politics of Culture. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2014.

Fofana, Amadou T. The Films of Ousmane Sembene: Discourse, Politics, and Culture. New York: Cambria Press, 2012.

Fofana, Amadou T. Akua Sarr, Edris Makward, and C. Frederick eds. The Histories, Languages, and Cultures of West Africa. New York: The Edwin Mellon Press, 2006.

Fofana, Amadou T. and Traoré, Mamery. Bamanankan Learners’ Reference Grammar. Madison, WI: The NALRC Press, 2003.

Fofana, Amadou T. and Schleicher, Antonia. Pulaar Learners’ Reference Grammar. Madison, WI: The NALRC Press, 2002.

Willamette University

French and Francophone Studies

Smullin 312
Willamette University
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