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Degrees Available: Bachelor of Arts

Explore the cultural, intellectual and social dimensions of the human experience.

The Humanities is a great way to gain a broader understanding of the expressive dimensions of the human experience. It involves the interdisciplinary study of the historically diverse cultural and intellectual features of societies and civilizations.

As a humanities major at Willamette, you’ll select from a range of core courses to familiarize yourself with the theories and methodologies involved in humanistic disciplines, such as archaeology, art, art history, history, language, literature, music, philosophy, politics, religion, rhetoric and theater.

Drawing on analytical practices and tools from these disciplines, you’ll learn to better appreciate the diverse voices in our world, and also how to critically examine their historical origins and institutional development. You can choose one of five thematic tracks (comparative, environmental, public, regional or visual), each of which focuses on analytic or substantive aspects of the human condition.

You’ll graduate with cross-disciplinary knowledge, sustained research experience and well-developed writing skills. And you’ll be ready to make an impact in a wide range of career fields where cross-cultural knowledge, informed creativity and emotional intelligence are valued, including advertising, communication, design, education, journalism, law, museum curation, research and writing.

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