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Japanese and Chinese

Chinese Studies and Japanese Studies are two interdisciplinary programs that together shape the Department of Japanese and Chinese. In both programs, our students receive numerous opportunities to learn the language,culture and unique characteristics of Japan and China.

They do this by conducting field research in East Asia or off campus. They take part in festivals, game nights and an array of clubs on campus, and they share their language skills with Salem-area youths.

Every year, our students and expert faculty also collaborate on research projects — presenting their findings at conferences and special events. Students also explore our vast course offerings, ranging from religion and politics to films and art.

When they graduate, our students are equipped with language skills, cultural understanding and superior reading, writing and presenting abilities to take on complex and diverse challenges that impact East Asia, the U.S. and beyond.

We expect our students to acquire the language skills and the analytical abilities to operate effectively in an increasingly complex and diverse world. It is our belief that as students apply what they learn in our classes they will gain an understanding and appreciation of other peoples and cultures. In addition, the Asian Studies Program coordinates with the Japanese Studies Major and the Chinese Studies Major.

Japanese Studies

Major or minor in Japanese Studies.


Chinese Studies

Major or minor in Chinese Studies.

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