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The minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies is designed to foster interdisciplinary learning and research and to provide coherence to a broad range of course offerings in this time period from disciplines across the curriculum including Art History, English, History, Spanish, French and Francophone Studies, Religion, and Interdisciplinary Studies. The vision for the minor is that it not simply designate a series of topically related courses or function as "mini-major" but that it provide the structure within which collaboration between students and faculty and interdisciplinary work appropriate to the humanities can take place. To this end, the minor offers a 1 credit faculty-student colloquium, a regular schedule of discussions of faculty and student research, and other programs that encourage the kind of intellectual interchange that supports collaborative work in the humanities. The minor also provides opportunities for students to link their coursework and research projects more closely with their experiences in co-curricular opportunities such as the Hallie Brown Ford Museum of Art, The Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology, study abroad experiences, Student Scholarship Recognition Day, external research grants, and internal research grants such as Carson, Presidential, and Lily.

Willamette University

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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