Each Affiliated Engineering School (AES) requires a similar set of required pre-engineering courses that must be taken during your three years at Willamette. Specific engineering majors can have additional required pre-engineering courses. Below are the typical requirements for all engineering majors.

  • Students must make significant progress toward their major (typically all courses except senior year courses) and make arrangements with their major advisers to transfer credit back from the AES. In physics, the minimum requirement is six physics courses (Intro Physics I & II; Modern Physics; ATEP; either Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, or Thermal Physics; and one additional course at the 300+ level).
  • List of majors that are compatible with the 3-2 engineering program: Physics (best match), Philosophy, Spanish, Politics, Math, Computer Science, Chemistry (BA), English, American Ethnic Studies, Religious Studies. There are others that are possible options. Two majors that do not work are Chemistry (BS) and Anthropology. 
  • Students must complete Willamette's general education program.
  • Math requirements: Calculus through Differential equations. 
  • Physics requirements: Physics I (Phys 221) and Physics II (Phys 222) 
  • Chemistry requirements: Chemistry I (Chem 115)
  • Computer Science requirements: one programming language course.  Many engineering majors strongly prefer that this course be in a specific language, such as C++, Matlab, Python, or Java. See the curriculum guides below for more information. 
  • GPA requirements: Students must maintain both an overall and pre-engineering specific gpa of 3.0 for USC, 3.25 for Washington University, and 3.30 for Columbia. Never take pre-engineering courses pass/fail. 
  • Must take (almost) all required courses at WU.
  • Columbia requires a Principles of Economics course (e.g. Econ 132)
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