The Finance area of interest teaches students how to make financial decisions for organizations within an environment characterized by risk. Students interested in finance have the opportunity to participate in the two-semester course "O'Neill Student Investment Fund" and manage a $500,000 portfolio. Investment students work on an actual investment trading floor which provides real-time access to professional financial information and a board room where students can discuss ideas and make decisions.

Students also benefit from the professional, leadership and networking opportunities of the Atkinson Finance Association - a chapter affiliate of the Financial Management Association

Students may select courses from the lists below and from other areas of interest to build a customized individual program that meets their specific goals.

Elective courses in each area of interest are offered every year. It is possible that a specific course may not be offered in a given year and that previous courses will be replaced by new courses.

Highly Recommended Elective Courses

  • GSM 6203 - Seminar in Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • GSM 6206 - Financial Statement Analysis
  • GSM 6233 - Credit Risk and Fixed Income
  • GSM 6258 - International Finance
  • GSM 6264 - Financial Derivatives and Risk Management
  • GSM 6280 - Strategic Finance
  • GSM 6283 - Corporate Finance
  • GSM 6291 - Investments
  • GSM 6292A/B - O'Neill Student Investment Fund (two-semester course)

Other Recommended Elective Courses

  • GSM 6006 - Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
  • GSM 6204 - Auditing: Risk and Controls
  • GSM 6205 - Financial Reporting
  • GSM 6210 - Managerial Accounting
  • GSM 6231 - Strategic Marketing for Public and Private Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • GSM 6232 - Public Finance
  • GSM 6241 - Industry Analysis
  • GSM 6245 - Seminar in Management Control
  • GSM 6261 - Marketing Strategy
  • GSM 7251 - Internship