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Dual-Degree Programs

Save time, lower your education cost and gain an extra year of earning power when you enroll in one of Willamette’s distinctive accelerated degree programs.

The seamless transition from Willamette’s professional preparation helps you complete your education more quickly and accelerates your entry into a career. Why is this important? It can reduce education costs and student loan debt. And, it also provides you with an extra year of earning power, as well as chances for better jobs and increased salary earlier in your career.

Willamette’s graduate schools are an extension of the small, collaborative community found in our undergraduate programs — complete with notable faculty and numerous opportunities to catalyze your career.


Through the Direct Admission Program, you can enter law school during your fourth year of undergraduate study, and finish both degrees in six years — giving you a jump start on a legal career.


In five years, you’ll earn your MBA from one of the top schools in the nation while developing the knowledge, real-world experience and the professional tools employers value.

Data Science

Earn your BS and an MS in Data Science in four years and apply your knowledge to fields ranging from business to medicine to environmental science.


Willamette’s partnership with Affiliated Engineering Schools allows you to earn your undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering.


Willamette’s joint degree program with partner universities gives you the foundational education and preparation for a broad range of careers in forestry.


Willamette also offers a JD/MBA combined degree program, where you can earn two professional degrees in just four years.