400 Reasons to Say “Yes” to Willamette!

You've read our emails and brochures, visited us in person or virtually, and been accepted. Here is why our students, faculty, staff, and alumni love Willamette and why they think you will too.

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Opening days students smiling and gathering around a circle to take a selfie


Helping new students move in during Opening Days


Midnight Breakfast with your friends always takes the edge off of finals.

football players learning ballet


Teaching ballet to football players to improve their performance

Blitz and a Willamette student going in for a hug


Being accepted to Willamette and ringing the admission bell to the sound of WU cheers.

yellow roses in foreground and Willamette's Eaton Hall in the background


Jim Andersen’s master plan for Willamette’s campus grounds and flowers — using sustainable practices


Curry pockets at the Bistro. Enough said.


The Bistro chairs—each one tells a different story hand painted by Willamette students.


Minto Brown at night when the frogs are calling.

Two Willamette students moving boxes of food


Participating in Into the Streets where students, faculty, and staff honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by serving the community

Career Services Director Mandy Devereux


Mandy Devereux in the Career Center because she's warm and inviting

Blitz the Bearcat looking at cookies in a display case at The Bistro


Getting enormous tasty $1 cookies from the Bistro.


Avoiding stepping on the seal in Jackson Plaza.


Gatke Hall is haunted and awesome.


Closest university in Oregon to an In-N-Out.


Professor Ricardo De Mambro Santos — there is no one more animated and so excited to teach art history.


Nerf Wars in Smullin late at night.


Building the largest salad possible at Goudy Commons for $5.


Karen Wood's mellifluous voice at any formal ceremony.

a fountain in the Japanese garden at Willamette with autumn leaves in the water


Spaces like the Japanese Garden hidden around campus for a study reprieve

Willamette students and professor bird watching. One with binoculars


David Craig because of his bird watching expeditions around campus

Willamette's Antoinette and Mark Hatfield Fountain adorned with colorful knitted scarves and accessories


Knit-bombing the Chicken Fountain

Amarit Ubhi holding a signed photo of her and Oregon's Governor Brown


Meeting with Governor Kate Brown at the State Capitol


Ernie on facilities who always waves and says hi from the golf cart.


Pi Day with the Math Department.


The years and years of graffiti in the Waller Cupola.

Chemistry Professor Karen McFarlane Holman


Karen McFarlane Holman who not only has the cutest corgi, Griffin, but is also a kick-ass guitarist in the all-female punk band she formed and is a top-notch, award-winning chemistry professor

Sammy Basu


Professors like Sammy Basu who give great advice and are there for you both professionally and as friends even post-graduation


Catching up with professors and their dogs in the hearths.


Library room 56 which used to have a friendly spider named Margaret.


Combined IQs of four professors is 800 trillion.

student walking a slackline across the Mill Stream


Watching people slackline across the Mill Stream.

group of Willamette basketball players talking, one is holding a basketball


Coach Kip Ioane teaching hoops on the court and masculinity off the court

Willamette student, Adrian Uphoff '19, inside the Oregon State Capitol with Senator James Manning


The Capitol Intern Program: our continued work with the State Capitol is evidence of the high quality work done by students

President Stephen E. Thorsett


President Thorsett found a planet, gives you cake on your birthday, and allegedly controls the weather


Seeing all of the posters around campus on Scholarship Saturday.


The Dean of the Law School, Curtis Bridgeman, lends his pickup truck to students who need help moving.


The bridge by Goudy where I always look for ducks and check the drainage pipe for nutria and mink.

Hallie Ford Museum of Art Director John Olbrantz (left), and Curator Jonathan Bucci (right)


Jonathan Bucci because he'll give you a secret underground tour of the art museum

Willamette student sitting in the Bistro with a hot drink cup and a book


The friendly Bistro staff who ask for music preferences of the people inside


Watching Professor Basu glide through Jackson Plaza in his fedora on his Razor scooter.


Karen Wood can always offer a smile.


The University is responsive to the environment students want to create—they leave a lasting legacy.

Willamette's Alex Lavery ’14 and Kelly Rose (Oster) Lavery ’15 hugging under the Star Trees


The legend about what happens when you kiss under the Star Trees

Professor Sarah Clovis Bishop


Professor Sarah Bishop — no professor will push you more and help you succeed more


Wraps at Goudy.


Visiting with Betty and Ciro at Goudy when they ring up my lunch.

WU Alumni, Zach Dyne '19, MBA'20 (right) and friend (left)


Support from alumni who believe in Willamette's future

cherry trees in bloom outside the Oregon State Capitol


The cherry blossoms at the Capitol across the street are magical.

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