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Requirements for the Data Science Bachelor of Science / Master of Science degree

Undergraduate Courses

  • CS 151 Introduction to Programming
    Pre-req: <none>
  • DATA 151 Introduction to Data Science
    Pre-req: <none>
  • DATA 152 Statistics for Data Science
    Pre-req: DATA 151; Alternatives: MATH 138, IDS 138, AP Stats
  • MATH 280 Math for Data Scientists

2 Undergraduate Electives

Elective can be at any level with CS or DATA prefix or from approved list.

Graduate Courses

3 Graduate electives with DATA prefix or from approved list. Note that if students choose one of the PNCA courses, they will also need to register for the 1-credit workshop.

Approved graduate DS Electives from outside of DS

  • GSM 6020 Marketing Analytics (4)
  • GSM 6216 Business and Economic Forecasting (4)
  • GSM 6004 E-Commerce and Digital Marketing (4)
  • GSM 6260 Research for Marketing Decisions (4)

Starting in Fall, 2024, students will need to complete 4 graduate electives with DATA prefix or from approved list. The choice of electives varies every year, with frequent new additions.

Willamette University

3+1 BS/MS in Data Science

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.