First-Year Orientation

Welcome incoming law students! We are so excited to have you join our Willamette Law community.

Mandatory Orientation will be held the week prior to the start of classes in August. There is an additional mandatory day of Orientation for all International Students. Below is important information that you will need prior to joining us this fall. Please also consult our Pre-Orientation Checklist.

Throughout Orientation, you will participate in various programs that will provide you with opportunities to meet attorneys, judges, business professionals and administrators. Although comfort is the biggest consideration, we recommend business casual attire (no t-shirts or jeans) as the best choice for these encounters.

For fall semester, all first-year students will have class each day, Monday through Friday. Classes may start as early as 9 a.m. and end as late as 5:30 p.m.  

All full-time, first-year students are pre-registered for a standard schedule of required classes. You may not register yourself for first semester classes or request special consideration. Note: Part-time students should contact Melodye Mac Alpine, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Administration in mid-summer regarding scheduling. Your individual class schedule will be made available prior to Orientation.

Your book list is available on the Willamette Bookstore site after your class schedule is made available. Although you may choose to purchase your books prior to Orientation, you will also be able to purchase books at the Willamette University bookstore during Orientation. The Willamette University Public Interest Law Project will also host a used book sale during Orientation where a limited number of first-year books and study-aids will be available.

Fall semester classes begin on Monday, August 24, 2020.

You may find other important dates such as the final examinations schedule, winter break, and start of the spring semester on the Office of Student Affairs website.

Campus Map

Office for Student Affairs
Comprehensive law student support, law registrar
Truman Wesley Collins Legal Center, 2nd floor
(503) 370-6380

Placement Office
Job search, Attorney-Mentor Program, Externship Program
Truman Wesley Collins Legal Center, 2nd floor
(503) 370-6057

Office of Admissions
Truman Wesley Collins Legal Center, 4th floor
(503) 370-6282

The Service Center
Student IDs, Parking Permits, Bike Registration
University Services Building
(503) 370-6300

Office of Financial Aid
1st Floor Waller Hall
(503) 370-6273 (voice
(877) 744-3736 (toll free)

Student Accounts
Tuition payments, refunds, 1098-T tax information
Waller Hall, 1st floor
(503) 370-5308

Bishop Wellness Center
Health Services, Student Insurance, Counseling, Learning and Disability Services
Baxter Hall, Main Campus
(503) 370-6062

Office of International Education
International student support, Study Abroad programs
Global Learning Center, NW corner of Baxter near Smullin and Ford Halls
(503) 370-5493

Campus Recreation
Montag Center, 1st floor
(503) 370-6892

Shanan Woods is the Senior Financial Aid Counselor for graduate programs.

Full-time tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year is estimated to be $47,130 (as of December 2019). Your fall semester tuition and fees statement will be available in late July. Please see Tuition and Financial Aid for a breakdown of tuition, fees, and estimated expenses for full-time and part-time tuition.

Student loan funds and refunds will be available to pick-up during Orientation week from Student Accounts, or by direct deposit through your WU Account (click on Colleague Self Service to get started, and then Banking Information to provide your details). 

To receive your funds, you must:

Legal Research and Writing (LRW) is a critical skill to develop as part of your legal education. Law school most likely will differ from your undergraduate or graduate school experiences because of the specialized language, the critical reading, and the analytical thought processes law school requires. In LRW, you will begin discussing the functions of law, its sources, and the American legal system, and you will learn how to analyze statutes and cases, both of which are central to the study and practice of law.

To help your successful transition into the study of law, the Legal Research and Writing faculty will begin your instruction in legal analysis during orientation. Materials will be provided during the program.

Willamette Integrated Technology Services (WITS) is Willamette's technology services group. WITS manages the campus' network, email systems, computer labs, and more. They provide students with their network account which is used to access Willamette's technology resources, as well as a variety of student technology support.

WITS has prepared an FAQ document regarding technology on campus:

WITS has a Help Desk in Smullen 118.  The Help Desk can be reached at (503) 370-6767 from 7:45am-5pm during the school year, and 8am-4:30pm during the summer. 

The WITS technology consultant assigned to the College of Law is Jim Cureton. If you have questions about computers, networks, or technology in the law school, talk to Jim.

At the College of Law, you will encounter a variety of web-based applications to supplement your education. The following is an overview of the most common applications you will utilize. Most of these systems require an active network account to access.


PARTNER, the Professional Activities, Recruiting, Tools and Networking for Employment Results, is a resource used by the Placement Office.  PARTNER may be used to:

  • Link students with potential externship programs
  • Help inform students of job opportunities
  • Allow students to view and register for events held by the Placement Office, such as career events, interviews, and visits.  


The West Education Network (TWEN) is an online extension of the law school classroom. TWEN may be utilized by some faculty for you to:

  • Access course syllabi, materials, and readings
  • Participate in class discussions
  • Receive and submit online assignments and complete quizzes


The Willamette Instructional Support Environment (WISE) is a learning and collaboration system. You may use WISE to:

  • Access class syllabi, readings, and handouts
  • Access committee work as part of a student organization

An integral part of your legal education will involve learning how to find the law and conducting the legal research necessary to complete class assignments and papers. Through your campus ID, you will have 24/7 access to the J.W. Long Law Library, housed within the Truman Wesley Collins Legal Center. The Law Library provides study tables, annually-reserved shared carrels, conference rooms and professional print and online resources. Online resources, such as legal databases are also accessible remotely with your active student network account.

The Law Library is staffed by reference librarians and circulation staff weekdays, evenings and weekends. You will have the opportunity to meet the Law Library staff during Orientation. 

The Placement Office, located on the 2nd floor of the law school, is a valuable student resource, dedicated to creating employment and professional development opportunities for students and alumni. You will have the opportunity to meet the Placement Office staff during Orientation.

Pro Bono legal services are professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service. The ABA recommends that attorneys render at least 50 hours of pro bono legal services per year. The Oregon State Bar's aspirational standard is for all attorneys to perform at least 80 hours of pro bono services per year. Providing pro bono service is part of being a lawyer. 

Facilitated by the Placement Office, Willamette Law's Pro Bono Honors Program enables all students to participate in this valuable practice. An award luncheon is held each summer in recognition of students who meet a minimum requirement of pro bono work as a legal or general volunteer. Awards are also given to students who have performed the most service hours per class. 

Willamette Law supports a number of affiliation and interest-based student organizations, including Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Board, the Multicultural Law Student Association (MLSA), and OUTLaw. You will have an opportunity to meet representatives from each of our student organizations at a student organization fair held during Orientation.

Willamette University's contact person for Veterans Affairs is Sarah Fisher, Assistant Registrar.

Willamette University

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