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David S. Clark

Maynard and Bertha Wilson Professor of Law Emeritus

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Salem Campus

Oregon Civic Justice Center 201
790 State St
Salem  Oregon  97301


Professor Clark joined the Willamette faculty in January 2002 as the first incumbent of the Maynard and Bertha Wilson Professorship. Previously, he taught at the universities of Colorado, Houston, Louisiana State, and Tulsa. In addition, he has lectured in Europe, Latin America, and East Asia and held the Max Kade Visiting Professorship at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg (2015 and 2007; Commerzbank Professor in 2002), Inns of Court Fellow at Inner Temple in London (2000), Fulbright Chair in Comparative Law at Trento University (1999), Wing Tat Lee Chair in International and Comparative Law at Loyola University Chicago (1996), and Dan Hopson Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Southern Illinois University (1987).

Clark has published 15 books and more than 50 articles on comparative law, procedure, courts, and law and society, which track his teaching areas.

Clark is active in the American Society of Comparative Law, having served as treasurer (1989-1995), vice president (1998-2002), president (2002-2006), and honorary president (2006-2008), as well as its delegate for many years to the American Council of Learned Societies (on whose board of directors he served from 1997-1999). He is a titular member of the International Academy of Comparative Law.


  • JSM, Stanford University
  • JD, Stanford University
  • AB, Stanford University

Selected Books

The Contemporary Civil Law Tradition: Europe, Latin America, and East Asia (with John Merryman & John Haley, Lexis-Nexis 2015).

Comparative Law and Society (editor, Edward Elgar Publishing 2012).

Comparative Law: Historical Development of the Civil Law Tradition in Europe, Latin America, and East Asia (with John Merryman & John Haley, Lexis-Nexis 2010).

Encyclopedia of Law and Society: American and Global Perspectives (editor-in-chief, 3 vols., Sage Publications 2007).

Selected Articles and Book Chapters

Nation Building and Law Collections: The Remarkable Development of Comparative Law Libraries in the United States, 109 Law Library Journal (no. 4, forthcoming 2017).

Development of Comparative Law in the United States, in Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law (Mathias Reimann & Reinhard Zimmermann, eds., Oxford U.P., 2nd ed. forthcoming 2018). 1st ed. 2006, pp. 175-213, translated into Chinese by Shiyuan Han (2010) and into Arabic (2010): Dāyfīd S. Klārk, Tatawwur al-qānūn al-muqāran fi-l-wilāyāt al-muttahida, in Kitāb uksfūrd li-l-qānūn al-muqāran 287-344 (Beirut: Muhammad Sirāj trans., 2010).

Use of the Amicus Curiae Brief in American Judicial Procedure in Comparative Perspective, 80 Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht 327-71 (2016).

History of Comparative Law and Society, Legal Education, and Legal Professions and Law Firms [3 chaps.], in Comparative Law and Society 1-36, 328-402 (editor, Edward Elgar Publishing 2012).

Comparative Law in Colonial British America, 59 American Journal of Comparative Law 637-74 (2011).

American Law Schools in the Age of Globalization: A Comparative Perspective, 61 Rutgers Law Review 1037-78 (2009).

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