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Professor Simowitz teaches international business transactions, debtor and creditor law, negotiation, civil procedure, and seminars on business negotiations and on resolving business disputes. His research focuses on cross-border business transactions, litigation, and arbitration. 

Before joining Willamette University College of Law, Aaron was a research fellow at New York University’s (NYU) Center for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration, and Commercial Law and a fellow at the Classical Liberal Institute at NYU. At NYU, he taught International Litigation & Arbitration with Professor Linda Silberman and served as an acting assistant professor in the Lawyering Program. He also taught the International Business Transactions and Transnational Litigation courses at Columbia Law School.

Aaron is the chair-elect of the AALS Section on Conflict of Laws, the co-director of the Business Lawyering Institute (BLI) at Willamette University, and an affiliated scholar with the Classical Liberal Institute at NYU. Aaron co-convened the inaugural BLI Symposium on “Teaching Better Business Lawyering” and the WUCL-CLI symposium on “The Extraterritorial State.” He received the Young Scholar’s Award from the American Society of International Law’s Private International Law Interest Group for his work on judgment and award enforcement against intangible assets. He practiced at the New York office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, and clerked for Judge D. Brooks Smith of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.


  • JD, 2006, University of Chicago
  • BA, 2000, Harvard University


  • Jurisdiction as Dialogue, 52 N.Y.U. J. INT’L L. & POL. (forthcoming 2020).
  • Defining Daimler’s Domain, 56 WILLAMETTE L. REV. (forthcoming 2020) (for WUCL-CLI symposium on The Extraterritorial State). 
  • Forum Shopping in International Commercial Law, (Ferrari & Simowitz, eds., Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2020).
  • Convergence and the Circulation of Money Judgments, 92 S. CAL. L. REV. 1031 (2019) (for NYU-CLI symposium on Convergence and Divergence in Private Law).
  • The Extraterritoriality Formalisms, 51 CONN. L. REV. 375 (2019).
  • Legislating Transnational Jurisdiction, 57 VA. J. INT’L L. 325 (2018).
  • RJR Nabisco and the Reach of U.S. Law, 17 YEARBOOK OF PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW, Volume 217-31 (Swiss Institute of Comparative Law 2017). 
  • Jura Novit Arbiter in the United States, JURA NOVIT ARBITER (Cordero-Moss, ed., Edward Elgar, 2017).
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Awards: What Hath Daimler Wrought? 91 N.Y.U. L. REV. 344 (2016) (with Linda J. Silberman).
  • Siting Intangibles, 46 N.Y.U. J. INT’L L. & POL. 259 (2015) (peer-reviewed).
  • Transnational Enforcement Discovery, 83 FORDHAM L. REV. 3293 (2015).
  • A U.S. Perspective on Forum Shopping, Ethical Obligations, and International Commercial Arbitration, in FORUM SHOPPING IN THE INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION CONTEXT 23 (Franco Ferrari, ed., 2013).
  • How Criminal Law Shapes Institutional Structures, 50 AM. CRIM. L. REV. 417 (2013).
  • The Original Understanding Of The Capture Clause, 59 DEPAUL L. REV. 121 (2009).
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