Students admitted to the Certificate of Sustainable Environmental, Energy & Resources Law Program must enroll in the following courses at the following times:

Year Term(s) Course
2L  Both International Law & Dispute Resolution (Law 316) OR Alternative Dispute Resolution (Law 3018)
2L or 3L Varies Administrative Law (Law 255)
2L or 3L Spring Environmental Law & Policy Law (Law 223)
2L or 3L Both Sustainable Natural Resources Law (Law 348) OR Global Sustainability (Law 386)
2L or 3L Both 6 or 7 additional hours in either: Animal Law (Law 263) OR Energy & Climate Law (Law 387) OR Land Use Planning (Law 222) OR Native American Law (Law 237) OR Water Law (Law 356) OR Wildlife Law (Law 375)

Certificate candidates are granted automatic admission to required courses without need to enter a lottery. With respect to the elective course, during the relevant pre-registration period, certificate students must notify the registrar of their intention to enroll in one of these courses and will receive automatic enrollment. After such enrollment occurs, the candidate will not be given priority with respect to the remaining optional courses.


In the 2L or 3L year, certificate students must complete a substantial, professional work product concerning environmental, energy or resources during a supervised practicum experience (i.e. clinic, externship) approved by the director. This does not satisfy the research writing requirement.

Research Writing Requirement

Certificate students must satisfy their research writing requirement writing on an environmental, energy or resources topic in a core program seminar or another seminar approved by the director.

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