Certificate in Sustainable Environmental, Energy & Resources Law

Students interested in careers in sustainable, environmental, energy and natural resources law have the opportunity to enroll in a focused program of study and earn a specialized certificate along with their Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

The Certificate Program in Sustainable Environmental, Energy & Resources Law (SEER) places special emphasis on the role of the lawyer in formulating environmental and natural resources law and policy to sustain and protect our global resources. The program’s full course of study was designed to be both comprehensive and intensive. Students enrolled in the SEER Certificate Program will receive a solid foundation in all areas of the law but also have the academic flexibility to specialize in specific areas related to sustainability and the environment.

Certificate Program Requirements

There is no formal application required. If you are interested in earning this certificate, you may apply anytime during the 3-5 semesters. Applications after the fifth semester are discouraged. This certificate program requires the completion of 15 hours of coursework as described in the course requirements and learning outcomes. A student must maintain a minimum grade of a B (3.00) in each course required to complete the certificate. 

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