Program Requirements

Students will be required to complete a total of sixteen hours in the Program courses listed below with a cumulative Program GPA of 2.80 or higher in the graded courses.

Required Courses

Basic Health Law (3 credits)
Advanced Health Law II (3 credits) (prerequisite: Basic Health Law)
Administrative Law (3 credits)
Public Health Law (2 credits)

Law Electives

LAW 220 Accounting for Lawyers (3 credits)
LAW 314 Antitrust (3 credits)
LAW 239 Arbitration: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
LAW 219 Cannabis Law (2 credits)
LAW 231 Civil Rights Litigation (3 credits)
LAW 334 Criminal Procedure I (3 credits)
LAW 233 Disability Law (2 credits)
LAW 273 Employment Benefits (3 credits) (if offered?)
LAW 225 Employment Law (3 credits)
LAW 218 Insurance Law (3 credits)
LAW 3019 Legislation and Regulation (3 credits)
LAW 270 Medical Malpractice (2 credits)
LAW 237 Native American Law (3 credits)
LAW 306 Negotiating a Business Transaction (2 credits)

Other courses, including Externship, or courses listed at AGSM, may be substituted with
the PRIOR approval of the Program Director.

Writing Requirement

The Graduation Writing Requirement described in Section 4.I of the Student Handbook
must be completed within the health law field. Ideally, this requirement should be completed in Health Law I and II. The Program Director must approve the topic of the paper written for the purpose of qualification for the Certificate and its completion. If a student completes the GWR in another field, a paper project meeting the GWR requirements must be completed in the health law field in order to earn the certificate.

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