Logo of the Environmental Law SocietyThe Environmental Law Society shall promote awareness and participation in environmental issues and activities on campus and in the community to influence the law, public policy, legislation, and justice; to improve the environmental policies of Willamette University College of Law; to promote environmental careers, practices, and scholarship; to provide opportunities for advocacy of environmental issues. View helpful ELS Student Resources to learn more. 

Contact Environmental Law Society at environmental-law-society@willamette.edu

2023-24 Board

Chair Sami Stanfill EMAIL SAMI
Vice Chair Katya Tkhostova EMAIL KATYA
Secretary Aidan harris EMAIL AIDAN
Community Engagement Maya Dromlewicz EMAIL MAYA
Treasurer Charles Jennings-Bledsoe EMAIL CHARLES
Faculty Advisor Susan smith Email Prof. Smith
Willamette University

Environmental Law Society

Willamette University College of Law
245 Winter Street SE
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
(503) 370-6380

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