Labor and Employment Law Association (LELA)

LELA is dedicated to promoting student engagement in the Labor and Employment Law practice area by hosting on-campus educational seminars featuring labor and employment attorneys, academics, and experts; connecting students with attorneys in the practice area; informing students about labor and employment events such as conferences, legal training, networking or social events; and disseminating communications about scholarships, internships, externships, and career opportunities. LELA seeks engagement from “both sides of the V,” and welcomes students who are interested in either the plaintiff's side (employee or worker) or the defensive side (employer or management). So, whether your interest lies in worker’s justice or corporate or business law, LELA welcomes you!

Chapter Leadership

President Bruce Garrett Email Bruce
Vice President for Communications Mark Hansen Email Mark
Vice President for Events Chapell Hailey Email Chapell
Secretary Paige Alli Email Paige
Treasurer Alise Fern Email Alise







LELA Event

Labor and Employment Law 2020:

A Dual Perspective on Some Current Issues in the Practice Area

LELA welcomes scholars and practicing attorneys to give dual perspectives on how the practice area has been impacted by #metoo, COVID-19, and the increasing social attention to issues of racial equality. All Willamette students are welcome -- please join us for an informative and important conversation!

Date and Time: Tuesday, September 1st, 2020, 6:00 - 6:46 PM
Zoom link:
Event ID: 978 1247 9084

Event will be hosted over Zoom. 

Event ID: 978 1247 9084

If you need accessibility accommodations, please contact  Chapell Hailey:

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