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Willamette MBA Accreditations and Rankings

Invest in a quality degree. Choose an accredited MBA program from Willamette to positively impact your career success.

Choosing an accredited MBA program is extremely important when deciding where to attend graduate school. Accredited schools provide the quality, credibility, and reputation you deserve with your degree. They also can impact your networking opportunities, ability to transfer credits and access to financial aid. Earning and maintaining accreditation requires schools to meet the highest standards of an MBA education.

Willamette is the only MBA program globally accredited in both Business and Public Administration. Our full-time MBA program is accredited by NASPAA and AACSB. Our part-time MBA program and one-year MBA program are also AACSB-accredited MBA programs.

Whether you're interested in international business or the public sector, Willamette offers a program that fits your needs. Learn more about our programmatic accreditation and rankings:

  • Rankings
    • Businessweek ranks Willamette MBA as one of the "Best Business Schools in the U.S."
    • Forbes has consistently ranked Willamette MBA as one of the "Best Business Schools" in the US for Return on Investment.
    • Poets & Quants ranks Willamette MBA as one of the Top U.S. MBA programs.
    • Princeton Review ranks the Willamette MBA as a "Best Business School."
    • Inc. magazine ranked Willamette MBA's entrepreneurship courses "New Ventures to Launch" and "Venture Investing" as among the "10 Best Entrepreneurship Courses" in the U.S.
    • The Aspen Institute's "Beyond Grey Pinstripes" survey ranked Willamette #23 in the world for MBA programs that integrate social, ethical, and environmental stewardship issues throughout their curriculum.
  • Business Administration Accreditation
    AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accredits all Willamette MBA degree programs. AACSB accreditation assures program quality and promotes excellence and continuous improvement in undergraduate and graduate education for business administration worldwide. AACSB accreditation is the most recognized form of professional accreditation an institution and its business programs can earn.

    AACSB grants accreditation to business schools that demonstrate exceptional academic standards. This accreditation process involves a thorough review of the school's mission, the qualifications of its faculty, and the content and quality of its curriculum.
  • Public Administration Accreditation
    NASPAA (Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration) accredits Willamette's full-time MBA program for public administration. NASPAA's mission is to elevate public service education and inspire future public servants to make a positive impact. NASPAA Standards are the global quality benchmark used by graduate public service programs around the world.

    Willamette's Salem campus is just steps away from the State Capitol. By building connections with local and state officials, Willamette graduates can make the most of their NASPAA-accredited degrees.

AACSB & NASPAA Accreditations

How does Willamette stand out?

At Willamette, we turn knowledge into action. We create leaders in business, government, and non-profit organizations. Learn how we stand out from other NASPAA and AACSB-accredited MBA programs:
  • Location
    We offer programs in both Portland and Salem, OR. This provides a unique opportunity for students to build their network in different business sectors.

    For those interested in public administration, our Salem MBA building is just steps away from the State Capitol. Secure internships in public service, build connections within government, and gain first-hand insight into the industry. We even offer a specific public and non-profit management focus area.

    Our Portland location is near some of the best companies in the state. Many of our graduates have built connections and advanced their careers at top companies in Oregon. Our career management service offers career fairs, company site visits, and mentorship options to help students build deeper connections.
  • Hands-on learning

    We provide hands-on learning opportunities to help advance careers. We know how crucial it is for students to earn valuable experience that aligns with their career aspirations. That's why we emphasize practical experiences.

    Willamette will help you build your professional resume and connect you with the right opportunities. Every student is required to take our PACE course which focuses on working with real clients. We also offer hands-on learning courses like our angel fund, philanthropic investment fund, and student investment fund. Students can also take up to three semesters of internships for academic credit.

  • Flexibility
    While we're an in-person MBA program, we offer different program types. Choose between a full-time program, part-time program, one-year program, and other dual degree programs. We also offer several MBA focus areas to help students specialize in a particular subject.
  • We care
    At Willamette, we care about our students. We work hard to ensure we're providing the best education possible. Our faculty are actively contributing to their fields and can help you build connections. We provide small class sizes to encourage discussions and a close-knit cohort.

    We also deeply care about our graduates. We provide support to our alumni and actively foster a strong community.

Learn more about accreditations

  • Accredited honors societies

    Willamette students who meet certain academic requirements at graduation may be eligible for an accredited honor society. We partner with both of our accreditation agencies to provide students with an additional opportunity to stand out. We offer:

    • Beta Gamma Sigma - a business administration honor society for schools accredited by AACSB International.
    • Pi Alpha Alpha - a public administration honor society for schools accredited by NASPAA.
    These honor societies provide a platform for networking with a select group of professionals. They can also be extremely beneficial when applying for jobs. Each honor society has helpful tips, insights, and even job opportunities to make the most of your graduate degree.
  • Other accreditations
    Willamette is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. For students in the JD/MBA dual degree program, the College of Law is accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).
  • Why choose an accredited program?

    Accredited business schools help prospective students invest in a strong academic program. That's because accreditation helps ensure that the MBA program is meeting certain standards set by external stakeholders. Employers often consider these programs to be more reputable and credible, which impacts your career.

    International careers

    Pursuing an international career is greatly facilitated by accredited programs, which are recognized globally for their excellence. These programs adhere to stringent ethical standards, fostering a culture of integrity, honesty, and transparency in education. Such an environment ensures that graduates are well-equipped to uphold these ethical principles throughout their educational journey and into their professional lives.

    Industry leaders

    Accredited programs are more likely to attract and retain high-quality faculty members. They also have strong networks and connections with industry leaders, alumni, and other professionals. This can help young professionals find better career opportunities.

    Financial Aid

    Accreditation is often a requirement for students to be eligible for certain types of financial aid, scholarships, and grants. Students in accredited programs may have access to a wider range of financial support options.

    Continuous improvement

    Accredited programs are constantly improving. Accrediting bodies encourage universities to update their curriculum and resources to stay current with industry trends and best practices.
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