An archive is a typically thought of as a collection of historical records or documents. In the digital age, it also can mean a collection of digital data stored for future reference.

atkinson-archive-podcastWith the Atkinson Archive Podcast, we find ourselves at the intersection of documenting our history, but in the digital format of a podcast. 

We'll talk with alumni, faculty, students and staff about what life is (and in some cases, was) like at Atkinson. 

Our goal is twofold:

  • Create an audio history of the Atkinson Graduate School of Management
  • Produce podcasts that appeal to prospective & current students, as well as the Willamette University community and beyond.

If you have any ideas for future podcast topics or people to interview, drop me a note at

Episode One: Mike Hand, Professor of Applied Statistics and Information Systems

Mike is kind of a big deal here at Atkinson. He came to us when Atkinson was just a couple years old and has been a student favorite for nearly 40 years. He's a tremendous resource not only around his discipline, but also with respect to the history and mission of Atkinson. His courses are borderline mystical celebrations of learning, often leaving not a dry eye in the house. 

In this episode, we dive into Mike's passion for statistics and the evolution of the tools available to work with data. And we take a few looks back on his time at Atkinson and what's changed (and stayed the same) along the way. Oh, and maybe we talk about music and how important baseball is in Mike's professional life.

Episode Two: Andrew Kach, Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Andrew Kach is relatively new to Atkinson, but has quickly become immersed in the Willamette University and regional community. He is a supply chain and operations expert, with special interest in sustainability as it relates to those disciplines. The energy that Andrew brings to this episode is a fraction of what he brings to the classroom and to his students.

In this episode, we picked his brain a little on advancements in the supply chain and operations areas, as well as his view on what companies really get it right. 

Episode Three: John Marick, MBA '93 - Co-Founder and CEO, Consumer Cellular (Portland, OR)

Consumer Cellular co-founder and CEO John Marick has grown his company into the leading cell service provider for the senior audience. John was recently invited to campus as our 2018 spring term Executive in Residence where he shared his experiences with the Willamette community and fielded questions from current MBA candidates.

Learn about how he found this niche market and how he leveraged his experience at Atkinson as a student in the early 1990s to grow his organization. This is a great episode for any budding entrepreneurs out there, as well as those interested in how organizations identify and leverage niche markets.



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