"The Atkinson Graduate School of Management (Atkinson) develops ethically responsible managers and leaders through a culture honoring the highest standards of academic integrity, ethical conduct, and professionalism. The Atkinson Honor Code sustains an environment of honor and trust in the Atkinson community.

Atkinson advocates for the values of Integrity, Human Dignity, Integration, and Excellence in fulfilling its mission of providing a premier management education for aspirants to management in the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors. Atkinson’s adherence to Willamette University’s motto -- Non nobis solum nati sumus (Not unto ourselves alone are we born) -- exemplifies a commitment to its stakeholders and community.

Honesty and integrity are essential qualities to the practice and profession of management and ought to guide all individual members in fully developing his or her potential. Atkinson’s distinct culture demands a community of members who accept individual responsibility and excellence, compassion, professional and personal integrity, teamwork, drive, and passion.

All members must therefore agree to abide by and promote the following standards of professionalism and excellence that constitute our Honor Code:

  • Not seek an unfair advantage over other members, including but not limited to giving or receiving unauthorized aid during completion of academic and professional requirements;
  • To honestly represent one’s self and facts at all times;
  • To respect the personal and property rights of all members of the Atkinson community; and
  • Uphold this Honor Code by fully cooperating with and protecting the privacy of the proceedings.

Atkinson members are expected to adhere to all policies and requirements of Willamette University and abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

Each member is responsible for his or her behavior in the academic and professional communities. For members of the Atkinson community, any violation of this Honor Code should result in disciplinary action."

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