Our Mission

The Atkinson Graduate School of Management is committed to providing world class management education to U.S. and international students in all stages of their careers. We help our graduates acquire life-long learning skills and become outstanding leaders and managers in business, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide by offering an intimate learning and practice environment, an integrated, cross-sectoral approach to management education, and dedication to quality teaching, instructional development, basic and applied research, and exceptional, customized career services.

Our Values

The Atkinson Graduate School of Management maintains that the purpose of all managerial activity is to create value. "Value" is worth as judged by someone other than the manager. It necessarily entails respecting human dignity, improving the welfare of the community through integration, and acting with integrity and competence. We expect our curriculum, pedagogy, internal governance, service, teaching, research and modeling will lead our graduates to pursue these values.

  • Human Dignity: Treat people as ends and not means. Respect individuals, encourage participation, explore and resolve differences collaboratively.
  • Integration: Seek and synthesize diverse interests, backgrounds, and knowledge. Act in accord with the common good. Foster trust. Pursue social responsibility and sustainability on the part of the enterprise.
  • Integrity: Accept responsibility for our actions. Be transparent and act in accord with principles of substantive and procedural justice.
  • Excellence: Promote excellence, competence, and continuous improvement.
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